Ways Small Businesses can use Video

If you’re not using online video content to draw in traffic and new customers for your small business, you’re behind the online marketing curve. Video is a huge platform in the online world.

Need a couple of ideas?

Educate Beyond Your Brand

Many companies put out training videos that show how to use their products, or portray their services in action. That is an amazing first step that unfortunately many companies don’t take, but there are a few problems with limiting educational videos to your business offerings.

First, you only have so much content to pull from. Second your videos are all going to look like advertisement.

It’s important to remember that when online consumers look for video content, they’re not looking to be marketed to. They want something that adds value. So instead of focusing on education for your brand, think about any complementary ideas or services you can illustrate on video for your visitors. For example, a florist might offer simple flower care and arrangement tips videos.

There are plenty of possibilities to share valuable content to your visitors.

Give a Peek Behind the Curtain

As I mentioned before video can be emotional, but it also gives you an opportunity to put a human face on your brand. When you show consumers what happens behind the scenes at your business, you help them realize that you’re offering more than just a product or service—there are real people they can relate to behind it all.

For a small business this huge. We offer a level of service that large companies cannot. There are many ways to do this. Have a series of staff interviews, show the day in the life at your shop, do a walk through of your studio, office or warehouse.

Giving you customer this level of intimacy is something they don’t see everyday and is a great way to generate interest in your small business through online video content.


Kwame Johnson