Stop Using Facebook As Your Website

On April 2015, Facebook announced that they had 40 million active small business pages . Despite the huge number, this hardly is a surprise for anyone. All in all, it's free to create a business page on Facebook and from there you can reach millions of users.

Knowing about these factors, it's normal for a small business to create their own Facebook page as well as get many followers there. However, when you only create a business page on Facebook but you don't actually have a website for the business, it's not a good idea.

Facebook business pages have a lot of limitations. So, you just can't do everything you want. Here are the some of the limitations you'll need to deal with:

#1: One of the best things about Facebook is that you'll able to see in real-time, the "likes" you're having. So, you know that you provided enough value for someone to like your page. And this person will continue to get the updates that you keep making on your page. So, this is a great thing. However, things may not be that simpler.

If the person who liked your page stops visiting it or simply doesn't engage with your posts again, Facebook will start to not show your posts on this person's News Feed.

At this point, you can only do one thing: you'll need to pay to promote your posts to people who previously liked your page, and hope you can engage new people at the same time.

#2: One of the main things lacking to Facebook business pages is that they are not a website. In your website, you can have all the information you want available with one click. When you're simply using a Facebook business page, the information some people may want to find out may be somewhat hidden.

Despite you can have your logo, your background, contact information, your voice on the posts that you publish, among others, it's very different than having a complete website.

#3: From time to time, Facebook, as other social media networks, do update their algorithms. And even if you were having a huge success with your Facebook business page, any update can ruin your entire business.

When you only rely on Facebook to show your business to the world, you're subjected to their policies.

#4: One of the most costly mistakes that you can have when you have a small business is not taking the time to create an email list. An email list is where you have the contacts of people who are interested in what you're selling, customers, people who gave you their email to get a free bonus, etc. And having an email list is crucial. However, when you only have a Facebook business page, you just can't build one.

Overall, you should have a Facebook business page. No question about it. However, you need to have a website for your business. This is how you'll build your online presence.

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